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The Bride Loves Chartreuse.

Chartreuse a particular shade of yellowish green so named because it resembles the color of a French liqueur.

Last year I got to photograph the wedding of Echo Nelson and Brian Ham. In the years I have been photographing weddings, I have seldom seen a bride make such bold color choices. Echo had a swath of green silk added to the bottom right of her wedding dress. And she faced a degree of criticism for it. Many brides, on this side of the world, obey strict rules about what is acceptable, and when it comes to weddings, that means white. I asked Echo about the response she had received since the wedding. She told me that most people were uncertain at first, but after seeing the wedding, they knew it was exactly the right thing to do for her. It matched her personality. That kind of authenticity is a gift to a photographer.

Echo and I recently went out to do a winter dress session. And this time, we added even more of her favorite color. She brought along a wispy silk scarf, as well as a white fur wrap, to add some playful touches to photos. I know summer is the most popular time for weddings, but here in Montana there are some definite advantages to winter weddings and photo shoots.

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