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Brian and Echo

The bride’s signature color is a vibrant shade of green. She loves it. Almost to the point of obsession. And that led her to some bold choices for her wedding including a swatch of iridescent green silk at the base of the right side of her dress. A woman who is that confident is always going to be a joy to photograph.
Update: I have done a Bride and Dress session with Echo. To see the new images go to:

Getting ready at the salon.

A joyful bride smiles as her hair and make up are finished.

Sunflower arranged and ready to be put on display.

Home grown flowers add a personal touch to the dinner tables at Echo and Brian's wedding.

Echo's wedding dress.

Echo smiles as her mother helps with her veil.

The green scarf matches the both swath of green Echo added to the bottom right side of her dress.

Silhouette in the barn.

Bride and Groom portraits.

A view of the back of the bride's beautiful wedding dress.

Bride and Groom share a laugh as they prepare for the wedding.

Bride and Groom portraits.

Holding hands with the one she loves.

A wedding day hug.

The Bride and her maids and the socks they'll wear with their cowgirl boots.

The Bride and her maids.

Bride and Groom and wedding party.

Bride and Groom and wedding party.


The bridesmaids follow Echo indoors for a brief break before the ceremony.

Bride and her personal mount Butter.

Bride and her horse prepare to ride to the ceremony.

The bridesmaids arrive on a draft horse drawn wagon. In the background is the Bride.

Bride escorted by her parents.

Overview of the outdoor wedding in scenic Montana.

The wedding ceremony.

Friends and family gather together for the wedding of Echo and Brian.

The littlest maid.

Judge Ortley officiates at the wedding of Echo and Brian.

Tears of joy.

Brian and Echo

The walk back down the aisle as husband and wife.

Bride and Groom take a moment for themselves at the conclusion of the wedding ceremony.

His and hers: a lock and key.

Following the ceremony.

Decorating the car.

A dance beneath the summer sky.

Bride and Groom celebrating with a first dance.

Dancing with friends and family.

A lovely smile as Echo dances with her husband.

Twirling after the wedding.