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Jon and Morgan

One bride. One groom. Two fathers. Two mothers. Two sisters. And one tiny baby. Jon and Morgan’s wedding is the smallest I have ever photographed. And on a snowy February day up the North Fork it was also one of the loveliest.

One might think with such a small group, on a February day, with snow falling and temperatures in the 30’s, that a wedding would ruined by too many things going wrong. That was not the case here. The fresh falling snow made for some nice moments. The small group made the whole day feel intimate and closely connected. A white dress and a white tux in the snow was just fun. And as we wrapped things up the sun broke free and I got one photo, the very last, with some gorgeous light.

Black and white wedding dress in a log cabin near Polebridge, Montana.

Detail of wedding dress against the wood a log cabin for a winter wedding in Northwest Montana.

Wedding ring and wedding dress detail from a winter wedding

The bride in black and white — a prepration shot.

bride details, make-up, jewelry and hair clip.

Heavy boots and fun socks for a winter wedding

Preparation shot: the bride writing her vows under dramatic light

Snow and ice hang from the log cabin at the wedding celebration of Jon and Morgan Massie in February in Montana.

Groom preparation shot, Jon gets ready for the wedding.

Detail of Jon's vows. Preparation for a white, winter wedding, in February in Northwest Montana.

Father of the groom and officiant for the wedding of Jon and Morgan Massie.

Black and White Bride. Beautiful light and the interior of the log cabin.

A moment between father and daughter as he escorts her to the wedding site.

A bride in the snow escorted by her father.

White Wedding: A shelter from the snow for the wedding of Jon and Morgan Massie.

Detail from a winter wedding: a single, white rose.

Destination Winter Wedding: Polebridge, Montana near Glacier National Park.

Colorful symbol of unity at a white wedding in Polebridge, Motnana.

Rings detail: the groom wears his and prepares to give the bride hers.

Deeply content: a perfect moment for the bride and groom.

Destination wedding: prayers over the newly weds.

The family joins hands to pray for the new bride and groom at this destination wedding near Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana.

A small service under trees and snow near Polebridge, Montana.

Colorful details at a Winter Wedding.

A father near tears reaches for his daughter and new son-in-law.

A tearful father and smiling bride.

Winter Cathedral: A bride and groom in a snowy forest in February near Polebridge, Montana.

A winter kiss: the bride and groom with their colorful details.

Winter Wedding: trees and snow and white and fuchsia.

Black and white couple - a winter wedding in Northwest Montana.

Detail of the wedding rings.

A winter wedding: huddled in coats to keep out the cold.

Kiss in the snow: a winter wedding in Polebridge, Montana.

Black and White Bride.

Fuchsia detail at a winter wedding.

A stolen kiss near their log cabin just after the wedding.

White wedding: a kiss in the snow.

One moment of sunlight at the winter wedding of Jon and Morgan Massie, in February, in Northwest Montana.