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My name is Brenda Ahearn and for those of you who have found me via search engine I am the photographer at the Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell, Montana.

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I am a newsy. I have been working for a newspaper since the late 90’s. Photojournalism is all about telling the story. The images I love are the moments, the expressions, the fleeting glances and gentle touches that tell the story of your love, your life and your wedding day. I want to capture and collect those and give them back to you as keepsakes you will cherish all your life.

I never know what situation I am going to be thrown into, but I know that beautiful light can transform the mundane. Wherever I go I am looking for great light. When the perfect moment meets phenomenal light, then you have an ageless piece of art.

Every moment has a story. Sometimes we miss them. Sometimes we are blind. But the stories are there. Waiting. I think they want to be told. Seen. Captured. Held. Appreciated. The best part of being a photojournalist is that I get to be the one who finds the stories, and shows them to others.


Light. Always the light. Photography is recorded light. I am in love with the light, and the unique magic of it. Great light is a never-ending quest.
The love story. A once-in-a-lifetime his-and-hers that come together into something to cherish. A love that shines. A love that lasts.
Truth. Honesty. Authenticity. I look for what is real and genuine. There are some poses, some ideas and some foundations that a photographer gets to know and then returns to again and again. But each situation is different and has its own light and opportunities, and its own truths to be revealed. I want to find what is true for this couple, this moment, this story.
Communication. Unless it elicits an emotion, a photograph is silent. It fails. It is nothing more than a “happy snap.”
Beauty. Simplicity. Elegance. The fleeting expression of perfect love casting out fear. Journalism is about capturing the decisive moment. But in a wedding, there are countless revealing moments when the look of love on someone’s face speaks louder than words ever could. And those moments come and go in flashes. There one moment, and then gone the next. What a challenge to capture them. But what fun.
Memories. Moments in time frozen and kept safe. Tangibles. Things to hold onto, and to help hold our loved ones close. Photography has the power to take the breath away when it captures and records that perfect look, the one we instantly recognize. When looking at a photograph, you think, yes, this is the person I know, this is the one I love.


Wedding day – $2,000
There is only one package: full-day coverage. I will start when the bride is getting ready with her girls, and I won’t leave until I am certain I have fully documented the day. No hourly rate. No time limits. I want to be free to give every wedding my very best effort and not be required to cut back in order to keep things fitting into some predetermined package. 

Surprise proposal – $450
Want to pop the question in Glacier National Park? Take a look at these.
The bride-to-be didn’t notice I was photographing her until several moments into it.
If you book a Surprise Engagement with me, and then come back for a full wedding, I will give you a $350 discount toward the final bill.

Engagement session – $350
An engagement session is invaluable for me as your photographer. It lets you get a feel for how I work, and it lets me see how you two are on film and in front of a camera. If you book a wedding with me, an engagement session will be included for free (restricted to Flathead Valley or those willing to come here for their engagements).

Pre-wedding dress session – $350
I recently had a bride who loved the canola fields in bloom, but her wedding wasn’t until months later. We met at sunrise for a dress session and then kept the photos private until the day after the wedding. To see the images click here.

There was an unexpected benefit to this in terms of social media. So often the first images from a wedding are the amateur shots from cell phones and point-and-shoots. The professional shots the bride paid for take weeks to edit and tone. By photographing her dress before the wedding day, there were gorgeous photos of her in her dress immediately after her wedding, looking her best to post on Facebook.
Wedding day second shooter – $1000
Ever thought of having two pro-level shooters to document your day? I’m not speaking of a photographer’s friend or spouse, or a new photographer just wanting to learn. Two professionals. I have the privilege to work with two amazing photographers: Kat Gebauer of Green Kat Photography and Jessica Marie of Lovelight Photography. The three of us have banded together and are willing to work as second shooters for each other. We want to help each other and help our brides. Sometimes there are things that one photographer just can’t get to, or times when you really would like two angles on a particular view. Those are the times when a second shooter is invaluable.

Why the discount? Any photographer will tell you it is more fun to be a second shooter, because the responsibility is off your shoulders. You’re at liberty to concentrate on the fun moments and interesting outtakes that you can’t always get when you are doing everything on your own.
If you decide to go with this option, the money needs to be paid directly to the photographer. Also, this option is only available when/if the second shooter is available and not already booked.

Bride and groom after the wedding – $350
Northwest Montana is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Photographing here is a joy. But on a wedding day, sometimes it is too much to try to photograph intimate portraits in the amazing scenery when the light is the very best because there are so many guests to visit, share and celebrate. With an after the wedding session, we can go to your favorite scenic location when the light is ideal, and there are no crowds anxiously waiting for you.

Trash the dress – $350
I love the idea of a trash the dress session. This is a photo shoot designed to do all the things you simply cannot do on your wedding day: jumping in lakes, crossing rivers, having mud fights, water skiing and more. There are so many options for this. And I am up for any of them.


Military discount:
I am proud to be the daughter of a United States Marine (Vietnam Veteran). For brides or grooms who have served in the military, I offer a 30% discount ($600 value) as my very small thank you for your willingness to take on the risks and responsibilities that protect the rest of us.

Other expenses:
When travelling beyond the Flathead is required, I charge $25 per hour and 50-cents per mile. Hotel arrangements can be made by the bride and groom (sometimes they are already working with a hotel and can get a great group discount), or I can make the arrangements and be reimbursed. For weddings that require airfare, I will do all the booking (I’ve had issues with airports when someone else books the flights), and I will need to be reimbursed the price of the tickets before I book the flights.


What you get:

  • 300-plus images that are ruthlessly selected down to the very best. Images are toned individually by me, not outsourced to a shop that lets computers make all the decisions.
  • A thumb drive of the 300+ images and a letter stating that you have permission from the copyright-holder to make reprints. The images are yours, and there are no additional charges from me for prints. (You can send your images to whatever printer you prefer, but I strongly urge my clients to send their images to I love the way they print, and their colors are accurate to the way I tone things. If you are local to Kalispell, please do not ever take my work to Costco. When I have had prints done there they have been washed out and dull.)
  • A personal website through PASS, a shoot and share website, as well as a Facebook album. The PASS album can be used for reprints. This is a great option for family and friends who want a small number of prints from the day. This site offers great quality and products. However, for the bride and groom, I recommend ordering from or similar because you are removing a middleman and can save money.
  • A set of 4×6 prints of the 300+ along with your thumb drive. Digital is fantastic, but for me there is no substitute for seeing the tangible prints.

What else? 

I am not sure what other questions you might have. Ask! Ask me anything. Call me up. 406.471.7462. Let’s go grab some coffee and chat. Or, you may e-mail me at I’ll be delighted to hear from you.

Thanks again for stopping by and best wishes,